Our curriculum is theme based, with the theme changing every one or two weeks. The children are exposed to a wealth of information about the world and its people as well as readiness material that is needed for them to shine in grade school.

During our structured school day the children have the opportunity to engage in an area choice time, a project time, a circle time and for the Pre-k and Kindergarten, a work time. In early childhood education it is important to give children choices. This gives them a balance of teacher planned activities and child directed, hands -on activities. One parent told us that she gets excited about coming to school because "I get to do 'Choices!'"

The children are encouraged to think creatively to solve problems on their own and to follow directions well. Using a team teaching system the teachers are careful to plan the activities so that they are fun and appropriate to the child's developmental level. All families will receive a monthly newsletter and activities calendar so that you can keep track of your child's theme and activities and talk about it with them.

Reading and Language

Starting in the baby room teachers encourage the children to become interested in the alphabet and in many different books and stories. Children will be exposed to a diverse selection of award winning books and literature. Children who are read to not only learn to read earlier, but will obtain a better vocabulary and learn more about the world around them.

Through story time, music, enjoyable art projects and activities, children will have fun while developing their language and beginning reading skills. Early childhood is a critical point in language development, therefore it is important to make them feel positive about their progress. By immersing children in literature and by encouraging them to express themselves verbally through journaling, children develop and interest in reading.

At an individual pace, each child emerges into the writing process. We also encourage children to think creatively through the exposure of poetry and through telling and writing their own stories. We also use a reading program that teaches children letters and letter sounds which will facilitate reading.

Math and Science

We encourage an interest in numbers through the use of stories, songs and projects. We encourage number recognition, counting by rote and rational counting. Since preschoolers perceive the world in very concrete terms we use manipulative materials to develop such skills as counting, how many, size, classifying, shape, sorting, patterns and adding and subtracting. Our Kindergarten program uses "Mathematics Their Way" as a curriculum. It is a "hands on" program. Our Science is a simple introduction to a child's environment. We cover such units as weather, animals, plants, health and more.

Art and Music

We are lucky to have a very artistic group of teachers. We encourage creativity in children by being very positive about the things they make. Children will be exposed to play dough, easel and other types of painting, drawing, and cut and paste art projects at least once per day in our program.

Each day children engage in singing and finger plays. Each classroom plays a variety of music.


We have a variety of games and equipment which we use to foster gross motor activities. We have 2 large outdoor playgrounds. We encourage children to value physical activity as a healthy and enjoyable part of their day.

Dramatic Play

Children love pretending and acting out real life situations. At Kiddie Corner we encourage dramatic play because children learn some very important social issues through role playing. They can practice sharing, problem solving, and even learn about occupations. Play is a wonderful medium for teaching about doctors, dentists and even the hospital.


We have an area dedicated to blocks. Children have fun and learn at the same time while playing with blocks. Blocks are great for teaching shapes, size, balance, construction of 3 dimensional objects and most of all imagination. If you observe a group of children playing with blocks you will hear counting, planning, and problem solving. The teachers set up the theme for block play and let the children's imagination take off.

Fun at Kiddie Corner