Our Waddler room is a small group with 8 to 10 toddlers with 2 teachers. The daily routine is slightly more structured than the baby room with circle time, story time, area time, project time and play time. This class is divided into five basic areas. The children are allowed to choose from a selection of planned activities. Toddlers are provided with climbing toys and encouraged to practice walking to develop muscles. Parents will need to supply diapers, a nap time sheet and blanket and either a bottle or sippy cup (whichever your child prefers). Parents are encouraged to visit and get involved with our class at any time!

Waddler Teachers

Melissa Candelario has her Associates in Early Childhood Education from Hesser College and has been with us for over 4 years now.  Meilissa has 2 boys of her own who attend Kiddie Corner.




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