Full time tuition includes a 5 day week, 6:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. The below rates include breakfast, lunch, snacks with juice and milk, and all educational supplies!

Please ask about our military discount!


Prices Per Week

Full Time Rates
Infants to 2 years $245
2 years to 3 years $230
3 years to 5 years $220
Kindergarten $200
School Age Rates
School Age, a.m. and p.m. $100
Morning van run only $60
Afternoon van run only $90
Afternoon with parent drop off $80
Per full day $38
Per full week $165
Part Time Rates 2 days 3 days
Infants to 2 years $145 $190
2 years to 3 years $130 $180
3 years to 5 years $120 $160

Tuition Policies

  1. No allowance in tuition can be made if days are missed due to illness or vacation. If you are part time you must pay even if you miss a day. If you are part time and want to add a day you may speak with us in advance so that we can make sure that we do not go over our student/teacher ratio. Part timers will have to pay for the extra day even if you missed a day since the spot was reserved for you. Year 'round, full timers may have 1 week per year that they may take a vacation and not pay tuition. If your child misses any weeks after you have taken your week of vacation you must pay tuition. All parents must sign a tuition contract. You are required to give a 2 week notice if you will be disenrolling from Kiddie Corner.
  2. People with financial assistance must sign the clipboard every Friday. Parents are responsible for paying the difference that the state does not pay. The state does not pay for absent days for all families, therefore, parents must pay for absent days and holidays.
  3. Payments should be made on Friday for the following week. If your payment is not received you may be subject to a late fee of $20.00 per day and/or dismissal. All parents will be responsible for any unpaid balances on their child's account (state or personal). Unpaid accounts will be sent to collections where upon all fees incurred from said office will be added to your account.
  4. Payments for new students are payable upon registration. We will accept cash or checks. We charge a $20.00 fee for returned checks.
  5. There is a $75.00 non-refundable registration fee for each child. There is also an annual $50.00 summer registration fee for each child which is due every spring.  
  6. Upon enrollment you must pay the nonrefundable registration fee plus your first week's tuition. This will hold your spot ahead of time. After 2 weeks, if you do not start attending this tuition payment is also non-refundable as we were holding the spot for your child. 

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