Health and Safety

  1. On the first day of your child's enrollment at Kiddie Corner, he or she must have a registration and health form on file. The registration form is to be updated once a year. The health form and immunization form must be filled out by your physician. The state requires that children in day care centers have their physicals every year. Our health and registration forms are monitored by the state licensing specialist.
  2. In order to keep Kiddie Corner a healthy and sanitary place for your child we follow the State Health Dept's regulations and incubation periods for illness. We are obligated by law to inform you if your child has a contagious illness, and if necessary ask you to keep your child home for a specified period of time.
  3. Medication may be administered if it has a prescription of (if the dosage is different from the manufacturer's directions on the non-prescription container) a form from your pediatrician and a form from you stating the date, time and dosage. We supply the forms.
  4. If your child will be absent due to illness or vacation please call and let the director know.
  5. Kiddie Corner is open all year round, in all kinds of weather ... summer and winter! In the event of an emergency and Kiddie Corner has to close, tune into WMUR or visit WMUR.COM.
  6. Parents must inform us if someone other than themselves will be picking up their child. The person must show I.D.
  7. All families must provide a 4 digit pin # for the keyless entry.

Closing Time Policy

Kiddie Corner opens at 6:30 a.m. and closes at 6:00 p.m. Please drop your child off by 10:00 a.m. unless prior arrangements have been made and approved. A late fee of $10.00 per quarter hour for any time after 6:00 p.m. will be charged to your account. This policy is strictly enforced.

Parents Provide

  1. Children should wear sturdy play clothing. Part of each day may be spent outside on our playground. Please dress your child according to the weather. We do go outside in the winter months so please bring appropriate gear.
  2. All children should bring a change of clothing to be left at school... just in case! Please label all belongings.
  3. Parents of infants and toddlers will need to bring in diapers, and a port-a-crib sheet.
  4. Children must bring a small blanket and crib size sheet for nap time. Blankets and sheets must be laundered by parents each Friday.
  5. Children should bring in a smock or paint shirt to be used during art activities.
  6. All children must bring a water bottle each day so children can drink at will.

Kiddie Corner Regulations

  1. Each family will choose a code with which to enter the building using our keyless entry.
  2. We serve a USDA regulated meal program which includes: breakfast with milk and either a fruit or 100% fruit juice, a lunch that is catered by Girls Inc. which includes a main meal, veggie, fruit and milk, as well as an afternoon snack with 100% fruit juice daily.
  3. We are happy to celebrate your child's birthday at Kiddie Corner. Please notify us prior to the date. You may bring in a healthy treat for your child to share.
  4. Please do not bring toy guns, fighting toys or dolls that will entice children to act disruptive in our learning environment. Children may bring a nap toy for rest time.
  5. Please keep us informed of any changes at home that may affect your child's behavior at school. We are very understanding and would like to help. We are willing to work with families that are going through changes of hardships. If a child has a persistent behavioral issue we may ask that the family obtain professional help in the form of counseling. We invite counselors, speech therapists and behavior therapists into our classrooms to help with children's behavior when needed. Very rarely a child may be asked to leave the center if a behavior is severe enough that it disrupts the class as a whole, if the outside therapy doesn't help, and if our program can no longer benefit a child.
  6. Conferences: We have conferences and evaluations twice a year. Parents are encouraged to speak with teachers at any time in person, via email, via notes or via phone. We are available at all times to discuss your child. We encourage you to make any comments that will help us make life pleasant for you and your child.
  7. Evaluations: We fill out written evaluations on children twice per year. The evaluations are age appropriate since we value the philosophy that all children develop at an individual rate. We respect each child for him or herself!


Kiddie Corner is closed on the following days:



When the holiday falls on Saturday or Sunday we will close on the preceding Friday. All holidays listed above have been considered in the overall tuition schedule and do not affect tuition rates. If you are a full time, year 'round student you are allowed 1 week where you do not have to pay. This means a 5 day period from Monday to Friday when you child does not attend Kiddie Corner. Part time students must pay even if they are not in attendance.

Fun at Kiddie Corner