Our Philosophy

For over 30 years Kiddie Corner has been providing a safe, loving and nurturing environment for children and families. Every child who enters our program will be treated with respect as an individual. Diversity is honored. Our community of teachers build positive and nurturing relationships with the children and families. We do this by getting to know each family through interacting and communicating. We encourage parents to become involved by providing many opportunities and school events. We communicate verbally, written and with email on a daily basis.  We use an app called Brightwheel to communicate in real time with parents throughout the day. 

At Kiddie Corner your child will be treated with kindness and understanding... the way we treat our own children. We make sure that children are greeted each morning with a happy, healthy attitude. The most important thing is that the children learn to have self-confidence and to like school.

Kiddie Corner's child centered, hands on curriculum encourages children to learn and grow in their own interests. Our goal is to create an environment where children feel safe and empowered to experiment with the world around them. We strive to cultivate the whole child. We use the acronym - SPICE- social, physical, intellectual, emotional to ensure that we are meeting children's needs in a well-rounded manner. This is accomplished by employing educated teachers who know how to encourage children through intentional activities and projects. Teachers keep up with their professional development (workshops) which gives them a steady flow of new and exciting ideas to cultivate the environment of curiosity!

We derive our curriculum and themes from the children's interests which helps children to learn academic skills in a meaningful way. We also place an importance on the environment and the natural world, the animal world, people and places of the surrounding community, nutrition, health and creative arts. We welcome input from our families regarding interests so that our curriculum will reflect the children's lives in an authentic way. Parents are an integral part of our program and are encouraged to come in and participate at any time.

Fun at Kiddie Corner